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Meet the Business Owner – Tanners Pub and Grill

Our “Get to Know the Business Owner” post today is Andrea Clark from Tanners Pub and Grill.


I Grew up in Acton, I have been running my Restaurant since 2007. I started off as a dishwasher when it was the TimBri Teahouse. I realized I had a passion for food and the rest is history. I started cooking and when it was transformed into Tanners Pub (2001) I quickly took a leadership role and purchased the restaurant with my Father Rick Matchett in 2007.


The pandemic altered our business from full-service restaurant and caterer into a strictly take out establishment. We are very grateful to have such a supportive town that embraced the takeout option and kept us afloat during these hard times.


Now we are almost fully open and getting back into the swing of things, we are so happy to see everyone back on our patio and now able to join us in our garage and dining room area since it has been a rainy summer so far.

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