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Meet the Business Owner – Black Creek Coffee

Our “Get to Know the Business Owner” post for today is Rob Smith from Black Creek Coffee.

Where did you grow up?

Aly, my wife is co-owner grew up in Waterloo, ON, and I grew up in Chester, England, and came to Canada in 2008. Chester was founded in the year 79AD by the Romans, so has been around for nearly two thousand years.


How long have you been running your business?

We founded Black Creek Coffee in 2018 after tasting the amazing coffee in Costa Rica. Our online store went live in November 2019, so this will be our second full year.


What made you start your business in Downtown Acton?

We love the small town feel of Acton, and the fact that it’s a community built on craftsmanship. A small batch, artisan coffee roastery fits in perfectly with the traditional craft feel of Acton, as there are many other ‘makers’ here too.


How has the pandemic affected your business and how is it moving forward?

We mainly sell coffee to make at home. So even though the pandemic has affected our wholesale sales (offices, cafes etc), the majority of our business is direct-to-consumer, which has seen growth. I’m hoping that post-pandemic, there is more flexible working for people, so they can choose to work from home when they want. Then they will keep drinking Canada’s freshest coffee!

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