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It's worth the drive!

The Acton Outdoor Market is the successful evolution of the former Acton farmer’s Market.

In 2023 the decision was made to end our limited association with the Farmer’s Market Ontario (FMO) group and establish the Acton Outdoor Market on our own. This change allowed the Downtown Acton BIA to make many positive changes including the expansion of our market site by moving to beautiful Prospect Park and Fairly Lake in Acton, a true hidden gem. Additionally the change allowed us to reach out to a wider selection of vendors, artisans and young entrepreneurs to participate in our market weekly and for the full season. Additionally, Downtown Acton businesses are present and represented at the market each week. Local restaurant menus, store flyers and giveaways can be found at the Downtown Acton BIA tent.

Many visitors to the newly organized weekly Acton Outdoor Market in 2023 enjoyed the shade of the trees, the breeze off of Fairy Lake, the absence of noisy Highway 7 traffic and the feel of grass underfoot while they shopped and browsed the many different and unique offering from the new and returning vendors.

Prospect Park also offers easy access parking, a kids playground, splashpad, boat launches, canoe rentals a walking path, an off-leash dog park and other recreational amenities seasonally.

The 2024 weekly Acton Outdoor Market runs each Thursday from June 6th to October 10th.


OUTDOOR MARKET Vendor Application:  ACTON OUTDOOR MARKET 2024 Application and LEGAL

Halton Region Health Department Application:


Food Event License Application UPDATED2024

*ALL VENDORS MUST SUBMIT A 2024 Acton Outdoor Market Vendor Application. All FOOD VENDORS must submit the additional Halton Region Health Department and Town of Halton Hills Food Event License applications.*

*Businesses with a Halton Hills Food Vendors license or already have a Halton Hills multi- food event license for 2024 do not need to reapply.

** Town of Halton Hills By-law NO. 2005-0067, Section “C”, page 26 – Food Business: Food Vendors / Food Trucks  BY-LAW NO. 2005-0067.pdf (

**Further explanation below.

2024 Vendors as of June 6th



A big thank you goes out to all of 2023 season Vendors and Patrons. Without you we could not be a success!


**Food Vendor License  / Town of Halton Hills Clarification:

The Town of Halton Hills requires that anyone selling food must have some form of Food Vendor License. If a vendor for a public event in Halton Hills already has a current Food Vending License (Restaurant, Food Truck, Caterer, Commercial Refreshment Vehicle etc.) they will be considered to already have a license and will not need to get a Public Event Food Vendor License.

Public Event Food Vendor Licenses are for those vendors that do not have a license in Halton Hills and therefore need one to operate at an event. It is a reduced rate ($103) so that they can become licensed for the length of the Public Event. In the case of the Farmers Market the Public Event Food Vendor License covers them for the entire period of the Market (June-October). If they were getting a license for another, either single day or weekend event the cost of the license would still be $103 so for vendors at the Farmers Market the cost is great value.

If a vendor wants to participate in more than 2 events in Halton Hills, we do have an annual license that they can get. Obtaining this type of license will allow them to get one license that covers multiple events. This comes up when we have a vendor that wishes to participate in both the Acton and Georgetown Farmers Market and perhaps another event such as one of the Fall Fairs, it is more cost effective and permits flexibility if they think they may want to participate in multiple events.

For the Farmers Market, Farmers have an exemption to the requirement for the Public Event Food Vendor License if they are selling predominantly produce or the produce of other farmers at the market, they do not need to get a license. If, however the farmers want to sell things such as baked goods or jams etc. and that makes up more than 20% of their sales then they are required to get a Public Event Food Vendor License as what they are selling is not just straight produce.

The Town of Halton Hills does not license retail vendors  (non-food vendors) so they are not required to acquire a license for events.