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Meet the Business Owner – Silvercreek Spa

Our “Get to Know the Business Owner” post today is Yvette Simpson from Silvercreek Spa.


I’m Yvette Simpson, my family emigrated to Milton from Lancashire, England in 1981 and I have been living in rural Georgetown since 1996 with my husband and various dogs!

I have been running Silvercreek Spa, A Necessary Luxury since 2000, around that time there weren’t any spas in Acton, so I jumped at the opportunity. I love downtown atmospheres and Acton reminded me of the small town I grew up in. You can walk down the street, do some shopping and talk to people or just wave to say hi!

Obviously being closed during the pandemic has been hard for everyone. My biggest concern is with people’s feet and making sure the elderly get proper foot care. To me it’s a great honour to treat someone’s feet, that’s why I call my business a necessary luxury. It has to be done so why not let a professional give your feet a treat!

Other services provided include manicures, gel nail enhancements with vegan products from Bio Sculpture and nail art/designs. Hair removal (or liberating those unwanted hairs as I say!) is done with azulene wax.

Fortunately I am able to reopen soon, in stage two of Ontario’s plan. Let’s hope some normalcy will return to our lives and I look forward to seeing regular clients and some new ones!

Give me a call 519-853-0811 for your next appointment!