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State of Downtown: April 2020

We’re hurting but we’re here.

As we go into the fourth week of April, we’ve gone through roughly a month of uncertainty in our country and community as we grapple with the threat of COVID-19. It’s been a hard month for all of us. Whether we continue to work in essential services—putting ourselves at greater risk for contracting the virus—or whether we are laid off and without economic security, in the short term, our sense of normal has been shattered.

Some of those worst hit economically are those I represent in the Downtown Acton BIA.

Closed Or With Limited Hours

A large portion of the businesses are deemed unessential and closed, while restaurants stay open on limited hours and with additional procedures to maintain the safety of those picking up take-out.

Physical distancing is one of the main strategies being used worldwide to prevent the spread of the virus. It works—and the sacrifices we are making are worth it—but I also recognize how much of a sacrifice it is for some families and businesses.

Still at Work

We, at the Downtown Acton BIA, are doing what we can given these circumstances to support these businesses, to advocate for them to government, to research the supports being put into place for them and to plan for the future.

Within the last couple weeks, Downtown Acton had banners put up thanks to the Town of Halton Hills. Similar banners have been hung by the Acton Arena and also in Downtown Georgetown. They add a bit of colour. We also put up both a St. Patrick’s Day display and, recently, an Easter one.

I’m sure there are those who think that at a time like this, beautification is probably the least important task for us to focus on. I disagree. Though it surely doesn’t deserve all of our time, during times of struggle in the past, and indeed now, people have used decorations to show light against darkness and defiance over submission. We see them in our community with residents turning on Christmas decorations. They represent life and hope, and that is a cause worth advocating for.

Banner in Downtown Acton.

For the Meantime

We should be staying home as much as possible, but our government is allowing residents to leave their homes—with caution—for food and for exercise, among other limited tasks. When you leave your house, or as you think about dinner from the safety of your home, consider our downtown. The restaurants are still open. Give them a call. Many will deliver or drop the food off to your car. If you are unwell, stay inside. Wash your hands. These are our best weapons against this virus.

And if you are going for a walk, consider walking through our downtown. It is still here and—with a bit of luck and the support of our community—it will be there for us throughout this crisis and after.

I hope you are well and look forward to working for you and representing you into the future.

Alex Hilson
Acton BIA Coordinator
April 20th, 2020


About the Downtown Acton BIA

The Downtown Acton Business Improvement Area (BIA) was formed in 1977 to help beautify and promote the historical downtown. We strive to distinguish Acton as a premier shopping, dining and cultural destination in the Town. We are committed to our members, the Town and the residents of Halton Hills to ensure that the downtown continues to offer a positive experience for everyone. For the latest information on stores, events and parking please visit Follow Downtown Acton on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at @DowntownActon

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