Downtown Acton BIA

It's worth the drive!

Joba Debi is the co-owner of “The Clay Oven”  in Acton.  She grew up in Bangladesh. In 2004,  she and her school friend who later became her husband, moved to the UK and did Masters in “Financial Economics”  with Merit from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. She taught for 3 years at the London School of Commerce & IT  in England, UK.  In 2010, after coming to Canada, she worked in a food industry as a manager for 4 years and was awarded manager of the year several times. She and her husband wanted to do something creative and finally he chose Acton for their business.  She loves to spend time with her 7 year old daughter and her husband.  She likes to play guitar in her spare time. Most importantly, she loves to help those in need in our community.
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