Downtown Acton BIA

It's worth the drive!

Tyler King, BIA Manager

Tyler has worked at two other BIA’s over the past ten years with increasing responsibility and authority in each of his roles. He brings a wealth of knowledge about developing local tourism and increasing community investment to support their downtown business districts. In fact, if you have ever attended the Collingwood Elvis Festival, you may have met him already.

Tyler’s Bachelor’s degree is from the University of Guelph where he majored in psychology and neuroscience. He had grown up in Collingwood, Ontario with three generations of family before him running successful businesses next to the Town Hall. He comes from a family who has been actively involved in helping shape their local BIA and their communities at large. In his spare time, Tyler loves cooking and trying to find new hole-in-the-wall locations for great food, drink and entertainment. He is a big advocate for entrepreneurship and fitness is also a fan of traveling the world, looking for interesting experiences.

As the manager, Tyler helps to advise and execute the services and programs laid out by your BIA’s Board of Directors. He will work with the local BIA membership, the offices of the Town of Halton Hills, provincial front-line agencies and local community groups to advocate Acton Downtown’s short- and long-term development.

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