Downtown Acton BIA

It's worth the drive!

“It is a tremendous honour and privilege to have my art adorn downtown Acton. Thank you to Downtown Acton BIA for choosing my work to brighten up this charming town with ‘Colour Unleashed’. As an oil painter I fill my canvases with an abstracted impressionist interpretation of the Canadian landscape. Especially in uncertain times I choose to surround myself with beauty and pleasing colour. When I paint, I enhance the colours and break all the rules, but what I end up with is uplifting and joyful. I hope this public art project brings a smile to the community of Acton.”

Shelley Newman


Born in Windsor Ontario, Shelley Newman studied commercial art and continued studying art as a part-time student at various studios and schools in Toronto including OCAD. She worked for several years professionally in advertising and design.

During these years Newman was never far from a canvas and always had a painting on the go. She worked in oils, watercolours, acrylics, printmaking, life drawing and pottery, but always returned to oils. Because of the richness and luminosity, she continued to develop her skills in oils and has stayed with them since the 1990s.

Since moving to Georgetown Ontario in 2011, Newman has been able to focus exclusively on painting. She has been in numerous solo, group and juried shows. In 2015 she became an Elected Member of the Society of Canadian Artists and in 2019 she became an Elected Member of the Ontario Society of Artists.

The subject matter of her work is the landscape where her style has evolved from realism into contemporary impressionism. After she was selected as Artist in Residence in 2016 at the Red Door Gallery in Georgetown, she was then selected as a studio artist at Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre where she painted for 5 years. Now she is back to working in her cozy home studio keeping up with the demands for her work in galleries in Ontario and Quebec. Her originals and prints are enjoyed across Canada, the United States and around the world.

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